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love it!


The game runs into a deadlock if I schedule "Clear your mind" during a normal day schedule and if I have stats so that none of the usual options is showing up.

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XD I tried to actually play 365 days (since you're supposed to be enslaved for a year), just to see if this game has an ending. But no, there's no ending. It continues just like the other days..forever.  :(

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In the current version (2018 Jun 16) if you hide out during the statue event with a misbehave action pending, the next button does not appear after the scene that ends with "talking of girly things." saving and reloading doesn't help, nor does exporting and loading from the file.


Version 0.2.0 is now out. It includes 2000 new works, and adds several nice features (especially improved keyboard controls). More details available at