A very early version of a game I've had in my head for some time. Not too much content yet - it's hard to write a complete game engine from scratch and still have time for content in under two weeks!

Follow further development or play my other games (Hive, Lapis Azurai, Brothel Sim, all free) at http://winds.blue. Source code for Maiden's Tale is available on github.

100% custom game engine - if you look at the source code, you'll see it's not even using any 3rd party libraries! No Twine game, this.

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Published116 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
LicenseGNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL)
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average durationAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityBlind friendly
Player countSingleplayer


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Version 0.1.0 is out now. It includes a rewritten intro, and the game as a whole is more than 25% longer (4000 new words, in addition to removing several placeholders). More details available on http://winds.blue.