Take on the role of Natalie Rowena, ship captain and sorceress as she finds a crew, explores the world, deals with fierce storms and eventually finds her place in life.

Part visual novel and part exploration and trading game, Lapis Azurai is still a work in progress. Give it a try, or check out my other projects at https://winds.blue!

Development log


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Very impressive game, I didn't expect a game like this just by the preview. It has a lot of story to read, you get it in suitable doses, so it stays balanced. The gameplay part seems well made too, all the important things are explained when starting. It lacks animation and sound, so it's not a flashy kind of game, although the static art seems nice and stylish. But it's work in progress, so let's not jump to conclusions.

If you're interested, you could maybe enter our game-making contest at some point!